Family Life

Family visit

My family came to visit us. We loved to see them. The day after they left, MM wanted to call Grandma Claire and tell her, “Come back.”


They brought presents for birthdays. MM loved all of her presents and BB had no clue what was happening.110 125

Sometimes I take awkward pictures where people are eating and squinting into the sun.128 129

This is the greenest place near where I live. We played in the river.132 139 143 145 150

BB loved it so much he wanted me to let him go and explore all by himself. I didn’t let go. 154 MM fell asleep on the ground next to her Uncle Will, woke up for a brief moment, enough to wake him up from his nap, and then she went back to sleep while he held her.


Daniel is not really the dunce of the family. He just graduated from high school and is in the top ten of his class, after all. But my mom insisted he wear it.

185 198-2 206

This old school we went to was awesome. I want floors like that in my house someday. BB wanted to climb up on everything, but he’s not big enough. He tries his best, though. He did tip over a lamp and break a glass lampshade. It wasn’t an antique, luckily enough.209 212 215-2 216We also saw this bathroom on our trip. It’s really old. Obviously.

Speaking of bathrooms, sometimes you go home from a church activity early because your daughter decides to take off her pants and do her business out in the woods, except for not really out in the woods, more right by a picnic table. “Am I supposed to dig the hole before or after? . . . It’s before!”


3 thoughts on “Family visit

  1. I’m laughing my guts out right now. The amazing bathroom picture and the “amazing” bathroom story are priceless. Thanks for letting us visit it was great.


  2. My favorite parts:
    “BB loved it so much he wanted me to let him go and explore all by himself. I didn’t let go. ”

    And the story at the end. You make me laugh.


  3. Fun post! I love the old school. And the awkward pictures of everyone eating. And of course william legs. That’s a lot of leg.


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