Family Life

Some random pictures


Those sunglasses now are just fake glasses since the lenses broke.


We made a bookshelf a while ago and we stained it white. When Dillon opened the stain, BB was standing nearby and, well, this happened.


My kids sometimes look at me like this, as if I am supposed to entertain them and/or fix all their problems. I usually don’t quite meet their expectations.


Playing with a large box. A garbage can came in the box (I spent too much money on a garbage can so I could have a lid that locked, thus preventing my son from playing in the trash).


BB loves cups. He does really good with a normal cup and can use a straw. He gets confused with sippy cups, though, and doesn’t know how to tip them up. BB also has learned to get down from things, which means I don’t have to rescue him all the time.


Playing in the swimming pools. I wish we had grass for this, but it is still lots of fun.


BB eating a peanut butter sandwich after playing in the swimming pools.


Dillon with his suspenders on.


This is a picture of family scripture study in the morning. Sometimes it gets a bit distracted.


One thought on “Some random pictures

  1. Summer is so much fun. Especially after this extra cold winter. Mae and Bo sure do look like they are enjoying the wading pools. I am on VTO from work and am enjoying having a day off. Daniel is sealing the roof white and I am going to put some tomatoes in the garden. Now, if I could just find one of those wading pools…. LOL Nancy Lee


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