One year

This little guy turned one. He is a joy to have around. He is a fearless explorer sometimes. And he has finally started sleeping through the night the past month or so. Which is good for me.

He is a little boy through and through. He eats dirt and he loves to play ball and ride a bike and climb up on things and tinker away at this or that. He doesn’t talk much yet–just Mama, Dada, and deer, though he doesn’t say any of those things very often.

His one fear is that his mommy will leave him–he gets a bit clingy. But I always come back.

588 575 566 552 483 478 376

(He loves to point.)289

(He found this in the garbage can and thought it was the best thing ever. This kid absolutely loves milk. Particularly if it has a little chocolate in it.)053 142 137 133 086


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