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Don’t destroy your happiness


I had a thought the other day:

If wealth and fame and fortune and great achievements and popularity won’t make you happy, why do you let the lack of them make you miserable?

We often think that if we had more money or lived in a better place or people liked us better or we had achieved some great thing–that these things will make us happy. We think we will be happier in some future life. But when the future does come and when we get the desires of the heart, often we are still miserable.

And there are certain people who basically have it all. They are wealthy, beautiful, famous, and incredibly talented. And they are often miserable.

If our happiness is connected to the wrong thing, then we will be miserable basically our whole lives.

I made myself miserable thinking of some imaginary future. One where I owned my own house in the suburbs somewhere and was surrounding by interesting people with interesting things to do. A future where I lived closer to my extended family. A future where I was a better person, someone who didn’t check Facebook too much and rarely watched television and lived an active life. Popular blog, large garden, well-decorated house, more kids, better cook–whatever.

But getting all those things wouldn’t make me happy. So why was I letting them make me miserable?

I can choose to be happy now, to see all the good things in my life.


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