Family Life

Five years

I have been married for five years now! We had a wonderful anniversary a few weeks ago. Dillon was trying to plan it by himself and he was struggling, so I started helping.

We went to Sacramento. Sort of. We didn’t actually make it Sacramento. So we went to outside of Sacramento. We went to the temple there, first with our children, and then we dropped our kids off and went with just the two of us. My brother-in-law’s mother tended our kids, and I am very grateful because my son is very fussy without me. He waited by the window a lot.

We had a hotel. A pretty nice hotel, actually. The kids had fun in the pool for a while, but then when sleep time came–well, we didn’t get much sleep. At all. We had two doubles in the room and I slept in one with my son and Dillon slept in the other with our daughter. I really do love having small children, but it is an adventure.

I am so glad for the five years I’ve been with Dillon. We’ve lived in four places, had two children, received one college degree, and had seven jobs between the two of us.





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