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Some things I’m learning (part 2)

I feel like I should follow up to the blog post I wrote a few days ago. It said that being average is okay.

But we still should try our best. We just shouldn’t try to be better than other people.

And I think sometimes our goals need to focus more on things that are important. Wealth and fame aren’t important, for example. Careers aren’t really that important.

Families are important. Helping others. Developing a relationship with God. Having integrity.

In the important things, we should always be striving to do our best, to get better. We should strive to be better people, not just do things that don’t actually matter.

Some of the people I look up to the most lived quiet lives. I think of my mom, my grandmas, my ancestors. They could be considered very average people. But I look up to them because they strived to be the best people they could, and they focused on the simple things of life, like family and service and God.

They may have achieved little and they had failures, weaknesses, and hard times. But they also had faith, charity, and an enduring spirit. Sometimes it went unnoticed by many since they did not seek popularity, but to the few who they served and guided, they were loved and memories cherished.

I want to be like that.


2 thoughts on “Some things I’m learning (part 2)

  1. I think you are very lucky to have figured this out at such an early age. I hope to be more like that the older I get because the things that really matter cannot be bought. It is our families and our relationships with others that really matter. We all have talents that the Lord expects us to use to help others. You are a good example to me. I really appreciate you.


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