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My vacation

I thought about breaking this up into multiple posts, but I’m not going to.

First, we went camping as a family on our way to Dillon’s family reunion. I love camping.


We stopped by Cathedral Gorge State Park briefly.

This is one of the last pictures I have of our former dog Charlie. While we went to the family reunion in the cabin, he stayed in a cage with another dog at my in-law’s house. Charlie escaped and ran away. A man fell in love with him and took him home, where Charlie stayed for the next two days. When we checked in with Charlie, he was happy as could be. He wasn’t working out at our home very well (he was causing a lot of stress–apparently we’re not as much dog people as we thought we were), so he got to stay with a new family.
023 038 046 050 052 064 066 104

I don’t have very many pictures of Dillon’s family reunion. All of his family was there except for one of our nephews who is on a mission. We went to a cabin. MM wandered all over the place, playing with whatever cousin she could find and getting very dirty. She had the most fun, I think.
439-2 465

After that family reunion, Dillon went back to Nevada to work and I went with my parents up to their house. At a hotel before we went to their house, MM and BB managed to nap on the same bed at the same time.


I had a good time at my parents’ house. I was busy seeing friends and family and going to this or that place. Grandma Claire played a lot with MM, so much so that when they had to part, MM cried for a while. She got over it quick, though. 511


Who is missing her shorts?


MM can’t get close to water and not get completely wet.

BB was so funny because we went on some pony rides and he was having the best time. And then the horses got started and he didn’t like it all anymore.
525 530 539 546-2

MM fell asleep reading often.

My favorite part of my whole entire trip was when my family went to the temple. It was in celebration of my mom’s birthday. Dillon was missing, but all her kids were there and most of the spouses. It felt like heaven to me.

552 562

After we went to the temple, while we were all gathered together, we had a water party. 575 581

The water was freezing, but MM didn’t seem to care much. 596 606 608 611

And then after the water party (or during the water party), my brother Daniel had his Court of Honor to receive his Eagle. It was a small, incredibly informal event. 634 640 648 651 657 665 679

That’s my Grandma Walker, and my Grandpa Walker below. 695 718 723 744 746

We also tried to do a picture of all the grandchildren. This is how it turned out:776 780 784 812 822

Notice the face of the little boy on the far right. He was the only one who understood the concept that we were taking a picture and he smiled away. 829 833

I also spent some time with my twin sister, Liz. We even let the kids take the raft on the lake all by themselves (I’m kidding).

2014-07-26-22-12-18a BB didn’t sleep all that well. One time, it was 11:00 at night and he ended up on my bed, horizontal, and I wasn’t sure where to go. I ended up sleeping by the bed on the floor, thinking that if he rolled off, I would catch him. And then he rolled off the foot of the bed where I wasn’t there.


(Identical twins! I don’t like being an identical twin. I love my sister, I love being a twin, just not IDENTICAL. So I would like to look different so we didn’t become a spectacle whenever we went places together.)

To finish up our trip, Dillon came back and he went to a job interview in Twin Falls. The job wasn’t right for him at all, but we had fun anyway. Here we are at Shoshone Falls. 889 894There are a lot of other really good moments on the trip, but I will save those for another day, since BB just woke up.


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