Family Life

Around the house


Dillon had no clue I took that picture. That day he was so tired he went to sleep before the kids did and didn’t wake up until two in the morning, at which point he came to bed with me. 009

MM still sucks her thumb often. She’ll get over it someday, but sometimes I wonder if she has her thumb in her mouth more than she has it out of her mouth. I was a thumb sucker too. 019 037

My kids are adorable. They have really started to play with each other. They wrestle a lot. One time, MM woke up from her nap and BB was so excited to see her. I had to set him down and then MM lay down on the ground so BB could tackle him. 059

BB was stuck in a box. So I took a picture. Instead of helping him out. That’s life.

We went to a fair the other day and MM didn’t ride as many rides as she wanted to. So the next day, we had out own little fair. She got her tickets and I did the rides.


Furniture sliders make very fun toys. We played airplanes and I pushed her around quite a lot, and then pushed BB around when he woke up.

009-2My life is wonderfully ordinary.



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