Family Life

Lake Tahoe

We went up to Lake Tahoe with our little family. We all had fun, even BB, who tried to drown himself twice (but he held his breath and actually failed around and kept himself afloat in the seconds before we could save him). 115 123

The water is cold there, but MM didn’t mind at first. She was just swimming away, though after a while she was cold and played with the sand instead of swimming. 126 131 145 152 154 164

I waded in too, though I didn’t go any further than my waist. 174 181

We all got covered in sand too, except BB, who wouldn’t sit still that long. 185 201Afterwards we had a picnic at a small park. I had brought MM two pairs of paints instead of pants and a shirt, which is why she is still in her swimming top.


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