Family Life


I have this bad habit. I’m really good at taking pictures of everyday life, but when exciting things happen, I don’t take pictures.

My brother Daniel recently went on a mission. He came to visit us with my mom and my nephew Peter. And I have one picture from their trip to see us:


Then my father-in-law had heart surgery last week and so went to Utah to help out. I have three pictures from that trip:




We got to spend time with the family before Grandpa Gerry had surgery, watching general conference and visiting with a whole lot of family. The surgery went well for Grandpa Gerry. I got to spend a little more time with my nieces Tess and Millie, who currently live with their grandparents. Dillon spent most of his time with Grandma Debbie at the hospital and he also watched the high school baseball tournament. I don’t like baseball, so I’m glad that I went to visit my family for a few days.

When I got to my parents house, we got to spend time with just my dad (Grandpa Ray) and that may have been my favorite moment of the whole trip. We walked up the street to feed some grass to the sheep and just talked and threw kids on beanbags and all of that.

There was also shopping and seeing two of my sisters (Clarissa and Liz) and my brother (William). William brought his girl(friend?) Rachel over and MM told me later that she liked her new aunt.

My kids did all right with all the driving. On the way home, however, MM got diarrhea. At one point, she yelled, “Owie!” over and over again for about a half hour before she went to sleep. And then woke up and said, “Poop!” and we had to pull over very quickly on the side of the freeway.

BB had some screaming portions as well. And he can scream.

As a conclusion, sometimes we write letters to people in-between visiting them. I thought I would share what MM drew and what she wanted to write a few weeks ago:

141 147 150She got her wish to see her Grandpa Ray and Grandma Claire. And she had some candy and movies too.


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