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Why I Haven’t Been Blogging Lately

I haven’t been updating lately, but there is a reason for that. Nap time has traditionally been the time I get my computer stuff done, but I’ve been sleeping instead. Because I’m pregnant and we have a new baby due sometime in June 2015.

I am excited, except for this pregnancy has been my toughest so far. I’ve been quite sick and/or exhausted during the first trimester. Luckily, I’ve been feeling better lately and so I’m able to do things like cook dinner. Or blog.

Some pictures:


My kids love to ride in Daddy’s truck, and sometimes when he gets home they get to around the driveway with him a bit. 011

BB will get Dillon’s laptop and say, “Buck, buck!” He loves looking at deer with his dad.


MM was a fairy for Halloween. She’s sort of just a fairy in real life too.



This face is what a lot of people see with my BB. He loves to scowl.


We didn’t intentionally get matching purple Sunday clothes. It just happened. I’m glad it did. 080 103 109

We eat a lot of apples around here. Or a lot of partial apples.006-2

BB was a hunter for Halloween. Which wasn’t much of a costume, but to be honest Halloween is one of my least favorite holidays. I’ve never really enjoyed getting dressed up. It feels fake to me. 018 030

Movie night.


I gave MM a haircut. She never liked me to do her hair, and so when it was long it usually just looked raggedy. I like her with short hair, and now we don’t have to have fights over combing her hair every day. 009 012

Since the picture above was taken, BB has been getting his canine teeth. Which means he’s been drooling and has had a runny nose for weeks.


Last of all, we got a new kitten, Leo the Liger. Dillon found him. Dillon loves him the most. Dillon also cleans out the litter box.046

I like the kitty all right, except for when he meows at 5:30 or wants to sleep on my head.



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