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Thanksgiving and Utah

We went to Utah for Thanksgiving. We had dinner at Dillon’s parents’ house. I commandeered cooking the turkey because I don’t like dry turkey. The white meat disappeared completely. The dark meat was barely touched (but it was still delicious). And we wondered why we didn’t just cook some turkey breast. It was so warm on Thanksgiving that my family ate dinner outside–and there were enough people crammed into the house that it was nice to be able to do so.

While in southern Utah, we visited Coral Pink Sand Dunes.
045 (small) 057 067 070 088

We also went looking for deer. I don’t understand driving around for ages to see a few deer, to be honest, but my kids and my husband love it. BB was especially thrilled. 201

And every year Grandma Debbie has the kids make turkey with feathers that say what they are grateful for. MM mostly just loved playing with her cousins. 230

This is Millie, one of MM’s favorite cousins. She is reading my kids a book. She entertained them beautifully, so much so that when she left one night MM cried and cried. 236

After Thanksgiving, we went up north to visit my family. My sister, Emily, was in town with her family. She has kids that are about six months older than my kids, so our families have fun together. 283 291

Everyone loves Grandpa Ray! 586

We had fun at Grandma Claire’s house. MM particularly loved her very large cat, Bubbles. We visited a museum and played together. 604

We also visited my sister, Liz, and our car reached 100,000 miles on the way.

Finally, we went to temple square to see the Christmas lights. It was a very busy day there, but it was fun anyway. We took this picture:

And I cropped it down to do our family Christmas card. We couldn’t take a new picture, like I had planned, because I shaved my hair off accidentally and I didn’t want a family picture without hair. 616-2


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