Family Life

Christmas 2014

Christmas was exciting this year. On Christmas Eve, we had a big storm with winds that knocked our power out for seven hours. We had a lot of fun with it, actually. Growing up, we often did candlit dinners for Christmas Eve, so I felt right at home. We had bread and milk for dinner to keep it simple and to remember Jesus, and then we acted out the nativity while Dillon read from the scriptures. BB was a zebra angel for a while.

014 018Christmas day was wonderfully normal. We wrapped the room and hid a tent and sleeping bags for the kids. They were all happy with their presents. And I was very glad we didn’t have a lot of candy this year–Dillon got me some, but that was it. The kids were happier because of it.
026 029 033My favorite surprise was a family home evening chart that my parents gave to me. It looks a lot like the one I grew up with, even the window sizes are similar. The colors, however, match the inside of my house. I love it so very much.
048 061 088In the afternoon, after we had our Christmas dinner, we went and found snow. It was quite a drive, but it was so beautiful up there. It had snowed the night before so the trees were covered in it. BB did not like this part of the day at all. He was just grumpy. MM had fun until she face planted it into the snow and then got her hands all cold and wet.  105 107 130 150We stopped by McDonald’s for hot chocolate on the way home and visited my friends, an older couple who don’t have any family nearby. They gave some little presents to my kids.

That was Christmas. We have been staying home for Christmas for the past few years and I love it. I love when it is just a simple time to spend time with family, open presents, and play with toys. And to remember the birth of our savior, Jesus Christ.

But I am also glad when it is over. We took the tree down Christmas Day (because BB pulled it down). And the next day, everything else was gone. It feels good to go back to normal.


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