2014 In Review

First, a graphic. This is an image of the most popular words from my 2014 journal.


Some stuff that happened in 2014, in no particular order:

  • I got pregnant
  • Dillon got his appendix out on December 30
  • My kids grew up a lot: BB learned how to walk and how to talk and MM was potty trained
  • I stopped writing fiction completely
  • I took large steps in overcoming depression
  • I accidentally shaved all the hair off my head
  • We visited Utah and family quite a lot, and a few people came and visited us
  • Dillon applied for a lot jobs, none of them worked out, and then we just resigned ourselves to stay where we’re at for the moment
  • Dillon started graduate school of Utah State University
  • We got rid of our dog and we got a kitten
  • Our kitchen was remodeled
  • I re-started my edgeofshade.com site
  • We planted some tomato plants and got our best crop of our whole marriage
  • As a family, we explored nearby places by going to Virginia City, a children’s museum, a discovery museum, and an automobile museum. We also went hiking at Spooner Lake and went swimming a few times.

Looking over my goals from last year:

  • FOCUS ON THE ETERNAL: (more time with kids, more prayer and scripture, happier countenance, better marriage/service)
    • I think I did better. I did spend more time with my kids and I was, I think, overall happier, or at least worked towards that. Relationships improved, perspective improved. Small improvements, maybe, but it’s there.
  • physical: Do 50 push-ups, touch toes, improve posture
    • I did not do any of this. Fail. 
  • writing: query a novel and finish one or two drafts Noosphere
    • I gave up writing fiction instead. 
  • Film photography–take one photo daily (or most days)
    • I did take pictures on a roll of film, but when I went to get it developed, the film was blank. So I didn’t do much film photography after that.
  • Photos/quotes–post three times a week
    • I didn’t post quite that many, but I did post a lot on my edgeofshade of site. 
  • Garden: flower garden in front; tomatoes; herb garden; house plant
    • We did have successful tomato plants. 
  • House: paint nightstands, finish frames, new chairs, new headboard, etc.
    • Yes to all of these. My house looks great right now, in my opinion. 
  • Read 52 books
    • Yes. Well, I haven’t technically finished the 52nd book yet, but close enough.
  • Learn a song on the piano
    • Mostly. I learned a lot of Clair de Lune.
  • Upload all stories I have to my website/family search
    • Most of them are up there.
  • Do Grandpa Claude history
    • I started it and did some, but it is not finished yet. 
  • Help others with their family history work
    • I did do some of this.

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