Sorting through blog posts

I just finished sorting through all my old blog posts. I started off with over 1,000 posts and now it is down to under 750 as I’m writing this. I deleted hundreds of posts. I plan on printing out my blog into a book form someday and I needed to do some sorting before that happened.

So what sort of posts did I delete? Mostly posts that no one cared about in the first place. Posts that weren’t my own material. Many boring posts about writing. Some book reviews. Very opinionated posts. Posts that became too philosophical that they bordered on nonsensical.

I kept the posts about my daily life and about the lessons I’ve learned on the way. The funny thing is that these have been the same lessons over and over again the seven plus years I’ve been blogging. Apparently it takes me a really long time to learn things.

Some themes from my blog:

  • My dream in life has ALWAYS been to be a mother. Family is my priority and what brings me the most joy. I feel the happiest when I spend time with family or do housework. Homework and full-time jobs are enjoyable, but don’t bring a lot of meaning into my life. I don’t always realize that.
  • Sometimes I think I struggle with being happy and I have dealt with some lows, but overall, I am a happy person and I have had a happy, positive life.
  • Life always gets harder. And we get stronger along with it. Trials that seemed like a big deal at the time seem insignificant now.
  • Live in the present. I worry too much and I’ve spent too much of my life worrying.
  • I’ve overcome a lot of fear. This has probably been my story of growing up–I’m not so afraid anymore and I’m comfortable with myself.
  • I should have never been a writer and it took me too long to figure that out.

Another enjoyable thing was seeing how much the blogging world has changed. Before social media and things going viral, lots of people had their own personal blogs. They would read and comment on other blogs regularly. Memes were completely different. People tagged each other in blog posts. You had more roundup posts and links to other blogs and such. There was a community without Facebook. Not so many people blog or read personal blogs anymore. But I’m still here.


4 thoughts on “Sorting through blog posts

  1. Personal blogs are fading…but specialized blogs are still around. I like blog form better than Facebook or instagram, so I’ll be here too.


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