Family Life

Fun Adventures Lately

Before I forget to mention it, I am having another boy sometime in June. We were sort of thinking it would be a girl, but it didn’t work out that way.

My MM is turning into quite a good sculptor. She did this all by herself:

Sometimes BB says, “Tickle! Tickle!” Then you just have to tickle him. He’s actually quite talkative lately–just a whole bunch of single words, not really strung together yet, but he is catching on quite quickly. 009

We love watching YouTube videos around here. They have started to do auto-play and it is a very bad thing. 006-2

Sometimes we do crafty things. Like yarn and contact paper:078

This was dish soap that I whipped up to make foam:002

And for Valentine’s Day we did a candlelit dinner:173 182 185

As a side note, I have all these pictures of our kitten, Leo. We had to get rid of Leo because he bit (and he was sort of psycho). But he was fun for a little bit. 020 041 002-2 013-2One day he brought home a kangaroo rat. Alive. Into the house. That was fun.



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