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3.14.15 – Pi Day 2015

This is sort of a random assortment of pictures. I forgot about my camera during most of the trip, as I am likely to do since I get caught up in visiting with people and such.

But I did go to visit my family last weekend. It was absolutely awesome. I took pictures for my brother, William, who is getting married in June:

And then we had our big pi day celebration. Because it was March 14, 2015, after all. Everyone was there except for my little brother who was on a mission. But I loved to see all of my family. We walked to a park, which is where I actually remembered to take pictures. Some people played disc golf and other people just played. 440 446 448 030 481 482 489 491 497 501 509 525 538 544 546 549 563

And after that, we had lunch. The grandparents fed the grand kids and then all the couples (and my sister, Clarissa, who felt horribly single among the married folk) went out to eat. Dillon and I went to Arctic Circle, Chick-fil-A, Del Taco, and then picked up some stuff at the grocery store and some dessert pizzas at Papa Murphy’s. The kids watched a movie or took naps, and then we all went swimming. I think swimming was my kids’ favorite part of the day.

We had pizza for dinner. And pie too, of course. My brother Ben had to make an apple pie at the end of the day so he could feel more festive.

We played some games of course, too.

It was such a great day. And the rest of the trip was awesome too. I visited both sets of my grandparents. We also went to Aunt Anna’s (Dillon’s sister) house for a barbecue. We went to a discovery museum in Salt Lake with Liz and her family. And to Ikea. And it was exhausting and awesome.

I’m grateful for my mom, who planned this whole thing.


584Now I’m back to normal. In the past, I’ve sometimes gotten a little depressed when I come home from visiting family. But I haven’t this week. I’ve been happy–happy to see spring finally coming (it doesn’t much make of a change in the desert, but it looks less gray outside). I’m happy to be with my kids. And I’m happy because I decided to organize my house and I love organizing.



2 thoughts on “3.14.15 – Pi Day 2015

  1. I am so glad you got to get away and be with your family and have such a great time. You are building happy memories for you and your children.


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