Family Life

Normal Life

I remarked to my husband the other day that I feel settled, more so than I have in a long time. I have a good routine and I feel contended with my place as a mom. I love my kids, and I enjoy where they are at right now–both growing quickly and beautifully. I also have goals for myself (learning jQuery/JavaScript, working on crocheting a twin-sized afghan, writing my Grandpa Claude’s history, and learning Clair de Lune).

There will probably be a wrench thrown into my life sooner or later because that’s what happens. Well, I have a baby coming in June so that will change life a lot. But I’ll enjoy these days for right now. 004-2 013 022

Dillon wanted me to buy him some meat to grill on his new grill. He wasn’t expecting me to get ribs, but he was very happy I did. They were delicious. He ate too many and got sick.

My sister, Clarissa, bought some lens adapters for some vintage camera lenses that she got from our Grandpa Walker. I’ve had some Olympus lenses sitting around for ages, and I hadn’t really bothered into looking at adapters. But thanks to her, I bought one for $10 and between that adapter and the ones that Clarissa has, I have at least ten new lenses to play with now. The only problem is that I have to manually focus things now, but I put on a 100mm lens today and I was very impressed with the pictures. I still have to work on getting the focus and settings right.

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