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We have had a plant in our yard which we didn’t know what was. It was a bulb of some sort, obviously. It kept coming up for the past two springs, but it never gave us any flowers. (It is also the only plant in our yard that has been purposefully planted.)

And then this year, randomly, there were flowers. I hadn’t watered it. It just decided to spring up all on its own.

img_1968-2 img_1972-2

It was an iris. I finally know what what plant it is. I had to wait over two years, but it finally came up.

I am not a very patient person. Is anyone, really? We all want something and we want it sooner than later. I feel like I have been waiting a lot for the past few years. Answers have not come as quickly as I would have liked, or they just haven’t come. There is always uncertainty about the next step.

But I am trying to be patient, to know that things will work out when it is right. And while I’m waiting, I’m enjoying my little family. I’m enjoying good moments like when an iris blooms for the first time in years.



2 thoughts on “Waiting

  1. Yea! for Iris. On patience, the talk by Pres. Uchtdorf that referred to in the March visiting teaching message is really good. I had to read all of it when I read the quotes.


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