Family Life

Conference and Fishing

It’s spring time, which means flowers. We planted a snapdragon, except for it died because the kids re-planted it multiple times.

The evening primrose are out too. I don’t really like the desert, but these flowers are a bright spot in the gray/beige landscape. img_2082They are probably watching hunting movies.

We watched General Conference this past weekend–we were sometimes distracted sometimes with loud children and other things that popped up. But we tried anyway. img_2353 img_2354 img_2356

And because it was Easter, we dyed eggs. img_2364 img_2370

We didn’t have any candy on Easter, which I’m happy with. My kids do not behave well when candy is around.

We also went fishing the first time in a long time the other day. We got MM a pole. BB used it too.
img_2381 img_2397 img_2407 img_2427We didn’t catch anything at all. I’m not quite sure there were any fish in the pond, but it was a fun adventure anyway. Particularly getting sort of lost trying to get there and just wandering about for a while.


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