Family Life

A few good moments lately

We have been playing hide and seek a lot. This was my favorite game growing up and now has become MM’s favorite game. BB has even gotten the hang of staying in one spot and being quiet, and he’ll cover his eyes and pretend to count. They love playing with their daddy especially–the other day he hid in BB’s bed and they wandered around the house for quite some time before he finally gave himself up.

Another day, BB woke up. I heard him and went into his room and I asked, “Do you want to go back to sleep?” He nodded, so I left him. A while later, he called for some milk. And then I could hear him playing quietly in his room for about an hour. That kid is a very good self-entertainer.

One morning, BB kept saying, “Cookies, cookies!” He knew we were making them that day. And then he looked at the clock and asked, “Time is it?” He was wondering if it was time to make cookies already.

BB wanted MM to put on his shoes and MM said to me, “Sorry Mom, he just likes me.”

MM made up a song the other day and the lyrics went, “The cops are come! The cops are coming!” She explained that it was a cop like her daddy, but it was just sort of strange.


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