Family Life

Pictures of camping

This first picture is just a random activity we did with paint and balls and a cardboard box. img_2675

And now we have the camping pictures. We tried to go fishing, but the lake near where we live (where my husband works as a park ranger) is extremely low this year, and it’s not much fun to go to.

Biscuits cook quite well over the fire–our fire was a bit too hot, but the idea was good. We also tried banana boats. Strangely, the kids would not eat them. img_2706 img_2711 img_2713 img_2725 img_2728 img_2732

We camped by a river coming out of the reservoir. It was just a trickle when we were there in the evening. When we woke up,  we had this large river because they had let water out of the dam. There were birds who lost their eggs and we very concerned. img_2733 img_2743

And then we have some pictures of cornstarch+shaving cream+water. It was quite messy, actually, but enormously fun. img_2749

I told BB to smile, so he did. img_2753My parents and two of my siblings came to visit Monday and yesterday. I took my camera but I neglected to take a memory card. But we had a good time–went on a walk at an arboretum, got lost, went to a hotel, went to dinner, went swimming. My kids slept together in a hotel bed very nicely–except for a few times BB would cuddle so close to MM he would push her out of her spot and I would have to put him back where he belonged. Yesterday night, we went to put them to sleep and he was upset for a moment that he couldn’t sleep next to MM.

My kids loved seeing family members–they call them Aunt “Tissa” and Uncle “Naniel”. And Grandma and Grandpa, of course, which becomes Gamma and Gampa for little BB.

I love how he is talking so much now. This morning he said, “Daddy, daddy!” I said, “Daddy is at work.” And he said, “Office!” He wanted to go visit Daddy’s office. I’m surprised about how he can express himself.

Also, when MM has some overwhelming emotions–such as if she does something wrong–she hides and she wants to be alone until she feels better. I did the exact same thing when I was young. If fact, I still do it. I don’t like to get comfort, usually, I just like to hide a bit and be alone until I feel better by myself.


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