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This compilation may or may not be interesting to you, but here it is. My statuses from Facebook starting on July 26, 2013 until today, in reverse chronological order. 

May 10
I’ve been working on my family history and for the first time, I’m actually adding people into FamilySearch (not direct ancestors, but children/descendants of my ancestors). I have looked at a lot of different lines in my family tree and I am so glad I have finally found names that needed work done.

April 30
After I said family prayers today, MM said, “You forgot to bless the people of Nepal.” I’m glad she remembers.

April 30
So a mouse decided that our cabin air filter would make a great spot for a nest. Six dead baby mice. — feeling disgusted

April 10
My son came up asking for money today. He’s too young for that. But at least he was happy with a penny.

April 9
My house is a mess and I’m feeling bored . . . I know! I’ll defrost the freezer!

April 5
Easter is such a happy day! The atonement of Jesus Christ helps me with every aspect of my life. It gives me great strength, peace, and hope.‪#‎becausehelives‬

April 3
BB wants a “piece” for lunch. He doesn’t know what sort of piece. Just a piece of something.

April 3
It is crazy how many online accounts we acquire. I’ve been working on compiling mine with a password manager so I stop forgetting passwords or using the same password over and over again. I have at least 50 accounts on there already and that’s just what I have remembered so far.

March 24
My kids don’t have special blankets or stuffed animals. They like books instead. I checked on BB while he was napping and found an open book on top of him. And then tonight, he got out of his toddler bed so he could grab some more books to sleep with.

March 18
My daughter has a carpet burn on her nose because she was going around pushing her face against the floor.

March 8
My recent experience with customer service:
Everyone was a non-native English speaker.
The first person was clueless and transferred me.
The second person I could barely hear.
The third person I think hung up on me.
The fourth person actually fixed my problem.
Try, try again.

March 4
Project for the day (a doll house). I’ll probably cover it with paper at some point.
It’s completely rough and uneven, but it works, it took me somewhere around a half hour, and it was totally free. That’s the beauty of not being a perfectionist.

February 22
Today at church, I played the piano for the choir, taught the lesson for sharing time, led singing time, and taught the sunbeam class. Now it is very much nap time

February 4
Just figured out how to crochet properly after over a decade of doing it in my own, non-standard way. Yarn over and yarn under are different.

January 30
Our date night consisted of looking over medical records. We enjoyed it. We’re weird.

January 30
I feel like Heavenly Father hasn’t changed my circumstances as much as He has changed me, and I would rather strength and comfort than the removal of all my problems.

January 24
We got rid of our cat because he was getting increasingly needy and bit and scratched everyone. This was problematic since our daughter likes cats and we got rid of him while she was away. Grandma Claire texted us today, “Solved the cat problem. I’m supposed to message you and have you get rid of Leo before MM gets there. She doesn’t want the kitty that bites and scratches her. Yes, I’m a grandma genius.” — feeling relieved.

January 23
I NEED CHILDREN! My kids have been away for over a week now visiting Grandma in Utah. I feel like an empty shell, without purpose and unsure of what to do with myself. They are coming back tomorrow and they better do so quickly.

January 15
Dillon Hoyt is coming home from the hospital today. This has felt like a very long ride, and we still have a lot of recovery ahead of us. I will never understand what exactly went wrong and why, but I am glad that Dillon is improving and we can slowly start to go back to normal.

January 13
Dillon Hoyt got his chest tubes out this morning. He’s breathing better and has been eating a little. He doesn’t feel that great, but we are making progress in the right directio

January 11
I guess weird things happen sometime.
Things went better than expected, I think. They are done with surgery. They went in there and found a lot of blood surrounding his lungs and drained it all out. They found blood in his abdomen- no sign of anything wrong, just the blood and adhesions. The doctor does not know why this all happened–the bleeding in his abdomen must have happened from something from the appendix coming out, but he doesn’t know why it was in his lungs.
The good news is that Dillon Hoyt should get better.

January 11
To update, Dillon Hoyt is now in surgery. To be technical, he’s having a video-assisted bilateral thoracic surgery with plural drainage and then an exploratory laparotomy. So they are going into his lungs on both sides and putting drains in and then they are opening his stomach to try to find out what is wrong. I will try to keep you updated with any news. Thank you for all your prayers.

January 10
Dillon Hoyt is having surgery tomorrow. His lungs aren’t working right and they are trying to find the cause of infection. I have felt the blessings and love of my Heavenly Father and know things will work out.

January 7
They took the tube out of his stomach and now Dillon gets to go on a clear liquid diet. Progress!

January 1
I think I’m going to start my new year tomorrow because today was a weird, roller-coaster day.

December 30, 2014
Dillon Hoyt is getting his appendix out today.

December 28, 2014
This is the coolest thing that has ever happened in our house: we let the cat back in and accidentally let in a kangaroo rat with it. The cat has been chasing the kangaroo rat all over the house, catching it and letting it go again. We’re not sure what to do, but it’s fun to watch anyway.
Update: Dillon managed to catch the half-dead rat in a tupperware and then let it outside.

December 24, 2014
Today I cleaned my oven and baked bread, cookies, and fudge. Now I just need to do the pumpkin cheesecake. And take a nap. Nap first.‪ #‎christmaseve‬

December 15, 2014
The kitty went outside and MM said, “But he will be eaten by a mountain goat!”

December 11, 2014
Christmas trees are (unfortunately) cat heaven.

December 10, 2014
We had a library Christmas part that was incredibly crowded, but still awesome.

November 17, 2014
MM got a haircut.

November 11, 2014
There is a certain thrill that comes from being in the middle of two very different books and switching between them on a whim

November 2, 2014
Halloween 2014. I didn’t ever settle down enough to get very good pictures of my kids. BB went as a hunter, MM was a fairy.

November 2, 2014
Eggs do not make good toys

October 13, 2014
I just got home after a week away. I forgot how much I like my home (I sort of forgot that I like it at all). It is so wonderfully quiet here. And there are small green weeds growing in my yard. They will probably die soon, but I’ll take the green for now.

September 1, 2014
We went grocery shopping today. The store owned 500 carts and all of them were in the store. People were waiting for carts or tracking them down in the parking lot. The line for checkouts went almost to the back of the store. It was fun.

August 27, 2014
Molars? He doesn’t have all his incisors yet!

August 23, 2014
One of my kids ate the inside of one corn dog. The other one ate the outside of another corn dog. I should have just given them one to split.

August 12, 2014
Apparently if you call 118 it goes to emergency dispatch . . . thank you, son, for figuring that out for us. That conversation wasn’t awkward at all.

August 8, 2014
I wanted a chalkboard and I was a little stubborn and impatient (my husband was a little too slow for me), so I made it completely by myself–used a saw to cut some wood, spray painted it with chalkboard paint, and then figured it out how to attach it to the frame with small hinges. It is not perfect at all, but I did it so it makes me happy.

August 4, 2014
Ate the first tomato from our “garden” (we just have two tomato plants in a container). It was delicious.

August 3, 2014
I gave a lesson on reverence to six kids three and under. One child was sitting on a chair in a sort of a daze. One was in the corner crying, I don’t quite know why. I was holding one so she didn’t scream. Another was climbing on the chair. Some of them crawled under the table. And then there was more crying and screaming and climbing and roaming. I kept talking about reverence.
They needed that lesson.

July 31, 2014
My one-year old is holding a closed bottle bubbles and blowing his lips around and thinking it’ll somehow work.

July 31, 2014
For my mom’s birthday, we all went to the temple

July 8, 2014
My daughter today was very tired but she wanted to stay up and play. She was crying and upset, but she was trying to smile to show me she was happy. Because, she thought if she were happy, she wouldn’t have to go to bed. She couldn’t even manage a proper smile through her tears. She was grunting and doing this grimace–well, I couldn’t help myself and I started laughing. She went to sleep about five minutes later.

July 5, 2014
This lady is Margaret Mann Foutz. Her husband was shot in the leg at Haun’s Mill and she took care of him without a doctor by extracting the bullet with a kitchen knife. She herself was shot at multiple times. She traveled to Salt Lake City with her family and her husband died a few months later, leaving her with many children, the youngest a newborn. She kept going, doing the best she could.
But the reason I post this picture is because I have her nose.

July 5, 2014
Guess what MM was trying to say: Hackapoantus.

July 4, 2014
“It’s not going to hurt. I’m a doctor.” Well, that’s reassuring coming from a three-year-old who is coming at you with a yellow crayon.

July 1, 2014
My great-grandma, Lucille Walker, was in a genealogy class back in the day. She turned in some group sheets at the beginning of the class. To get an A, she had to add eight new facts. Well, she slacked off until an hour before the final was due. So she sat with her friends and they started inventing things–two brothers, two sister, some dates here and there. She turned in and got an A in the class. However, the teacher then submitted the group sheets to a family history library. It took many years to correct it.

June 18, 2014
MM loves stories. Today I had her tell me a story. This is basically what she said: “Once upon a time there was a dragon named Dillon. He liked to go to Utah. He roared. And you were a princess in a paper bag. And you went to the cave. And the dragon came back and fell on the floor like this.” (She pretended to go to sleep.)

June 10, 2014
When you’re husband starts to feel like he’s pregnant too, you know you’re not pregnant at all, you’re just all sick. ‪#‎notpregnant‬

June 8, 2014
For his birthday, BB hit his head and got a nice bruise. He ate dirt. He missed his morning nap. He got brain freeze from his ice cream and choked on a piece of a popsicle. He had a runny nose, possibly teething. There were good moments too, like video chatting with his grandparents. But a rough day overall. ‪#‎birthdayfail‬

May 14, 2014
My daughter said, “My foot hurts.”
I asked, “How did you hurt it?”
She pointed to the screen. “I hurt it in the movie.”

May 8, 2014
I’m helping a friend with family history and I found all these ancestors that tied in because someone else out there had done research on their cousins. When I started helping, the furthest this line went back was 1916. Now it goes back to the 1500s.

May 4, 2014
I’ve been doing family history. I found a new name (the wife of a cousin), but her temple work had already been done after I tracked down duplicates and such (thank you extraction work!).
Interesting notes from today: she was counted twice in the 1900 census as living at both her parents’ house and as being a servant in another household. Also, an indexed marriage record had a typo and said her husband was 37 when in fact he was 51–she was 32 years old when she was married, so there was quite an age gap.
Thank you to my cousin for giving me some motivation today.

May 2, 2014
So I decided I wanted to get my 2013 journal entries printed in book form (I type it on the computer). It ended up being 206 pages. I journal a lot.

April 12, 2014
MM’s car won the pinewood derby tonight.
(Yup. It was too heavy (we should have been disqualified, but no one seemed to care much) and the wheels turned well, thanks to some attention from Dillon. In the single elimination tournament it somehow scraped it’s way to the top.)

April 10, 2014
I watched The Secret of NIMH tonight–not even the whole movie, just the ending–and ended up crying quite a lot. Dillon said, “You’ve never cried during this movie before.”

I said, “I’ve never been the mother of two children and watched this movie.”

Something about Mrs. Frisby (her name is actually Mrs. Brisby in the movie due to copyright–Frisbee–thus the change of the title) wanting to protect her kids got to me today.

April 7, 2014
MM told her dad a bedtime story: One time, I was running in the church and I fell down and I cut my chin. I got a band-aid and it got better and I took off the band-aid and I feel okay now.

April 4, 2014
BB says I love you. At least, it sounds just like it and he says after we say it to him. It could sort of just be babble/parroting, but it’s cute anyway.

March 29, 2014
I absolutely loved the General Women’s Meeting tonight. I feel stronger and more focused. During the meeting, I felt comfort and love from my Heavenly Father. I want to be a better mother, a better wife, and a better friend. I want to slow down a bit and remember what is most important, to love more and not worry about differences.
There were only five of us watching together at the church I was at. All of the other women were much older than me, but that didn’t matter. I am part of a worldwide organization and age doesn’t mean much. After the meeting, the oldest woman in the room gave me a big hug. I felt so loved and so happy. #inspiredby#womensmeeting

March 26, 2014
Do not play games on your cell phone while going to the bathroom. Bad things can happen. That is all.

March 22, 2014
I was out doing errands and bought some Girl Scout cookies. I got the Caramel deLites because I know Dillon doesn’t like mint. When Dillon came home from work, he said, “Guess what I got?” And he produced a box of Girl Scout cookies. He had gotten Thin Mints because he knew I liked them. And that right there is love.

March 22, 2014
MM: I getting big. I getting big like you, Mommy. BB get big like you, Mommy.
Me: BB get big like Daddy?
MM: No. BB get big like Mommy. Daddy little. Silly mommy.

March 16, 2014
We were watching a Bible Video ( and MM randomly said, “Jesus love me!” I’m glad she knows that.

March 14, 2014
My kitchen is (mostly) done! Pictures will follow once clean of the dust.

March 13, 2014
“Back then, things weren’t as complicated as they are now. If you did things today that we did, you’d be in jail all the time. We didn’t even know what a ticket was.”
-Claude Maxwell, my grandpa.

March 10, 2014
BB had spit-up on top of his head and nowhere else. I was confused. How do you think it happened?

March 1, 2014
So we are going to go on a trip and while we are gone they are going to put in new cabinets, cabinets, and flooring in our kitchen. It’s sort of like we’re on some sort of HGTV show, except for we’re getting stock oak cabinets, laminate counter tops, and sheet vinyl flooring. #rental #beige #NewCheapIsBetterThan80sCheap#HopeItsDoneWhenWeComeHome #IFeelLikeATeenagerUsingAllTheseHashtags#HashtagsAreWeird #ghkASDFFGKI (MM added that last one.)

February 26, 2014
Just read this about my great-great-great-great grandmother. Her life was hard! She moved all over the place, was driven from her home numerous times, she had children die, and her husband went on missions and left her with the kids for years on end. She had to grow her own food and make her own clothing. And I complain if I don’t have a hot shower every day . . . (about Julia Ives Pack)

February 26, 2014
MM: “Be happy Mom.”
Me: “I am happy.”
MM: “I like you happy.”

February 25, 2014
So we lost our keys to our small fireproof safe. Turns out you can open it with a pair of nail clippers using the part that you use to clean fingernails.

February 22, 2014
A two-year old talking in her sleep is about the cutest thing ever. It didn’t make any sense.

February 6, 2014
My son puts the toy in his mouth and then offers it to me to put in my mouth. He thinks it is so much fun. I’m glad he’s sharing, though I really don’t want to chew on his toys.

February 5, 2014
MM asked for a Church of Jesus Christ nursery lesson and now she wants to go to church. She even got out her church shoes. I love this girl.

February 2, 2014
BB is walking.

January 25, 2014
We played pirate today. I got a box and we filled it with treasure: some coins, a family picture, cookies, and some toys that MM wanted to put in. We wrapped it in wrapping paper because MM wanted to and we took our treasure and buried it in the front yard. Then we created a map out of brown paper, crinkled up and burned a bit on the edges. We hid the map and created a riddle to where the map would be. When Dillon came home, we gave him the riddle, found the map, and then we discovered our treasure and had cookies.

January 25, 2014
Can someone invent hover cars so that we don’t have to worry about fixing tires?

January 18, 2014
MM has entered the “Why?” stage of development. The only way I can get her to stop asking why (or what) is to ask her a question in response.

January 17, 2014
Watched an episode of Doctor Who for the first time. My daughter loved it.

January 17, 2014
Rearranging furniture is a good workout.

January 3, 2014
BB is crawling.

January 1, 2014
I am really good at overscheduling. Particularly with this new year, when I’m so excited about accomplishing goals. So this is a reminder to myself to calm down a bit.

December 23, 2013
I am getting a digital piano so I have a keyboard that I don’t need anymore. Is there anyone out there who would like it and use it?

December 21, 2013
BB is getting a tooth for Christmas.

December 18, 2013
A six-month-old trying to feed himself and a hungry dog get together just fine. My floor is licked clean. No mopping necessary.
I have stubbed a toe three times in the past little while and made myself bleed all three times on the exact same toe. I think that particular toe might have emotional issues.

December 7, 2013
MM just counted to seven perfectly. Seven!

MM pulled out a book from the bookshelf and started flipping through it. Then she said excitedly, “I found Jesus!” as she pointed to a picture of Jesus.

I asked MM, “Who is your favorite princess?”

December 6, 2013
My sixth month old thinks he needs to crawl and pull himself up to standing. He’s not doing it yet, but he sure tries his best.

I put BB to sleep in his crib at 9:00 this morning. He is still asleep two and a half hours later. This has NEVER happened before and it is AWESOME.

November 24, 2013
We are packing up to go visit family. And poor MM decided that she should be like Mommy and shave her armpits with Daddy’s razor. Bad razor burns resulted.

November 20
I am enjoying extensive prewriting because I can change stuff (world, plot, character) without having to delete pages and pages and hours of work. Figuring it out before I start writing makes it so I don’t write so much trash.

MM’s prayer this morning: Daddy work, MM happy, Mommy happy, Dad happy, doggie happy, Bo happy.

November 18
I’m feeling blessed. Because even though it is 2:45 in the morning and I’m awake, I just realized this is the first time in my whole time of being a parent that one of my children has gotten sick and thrown-up.

November 15
10 things about me:

1. On my first date with Dillon, he neglected to mention that he was a hunter.
2. I’ve finished drafts of six different novels, some of them are better than others.
3. I have a dishwasher but I stopped using it because I prefer to do dishes by hand–they come out cleaner and I find doing dishes relaxing. I also just ran out of dish detergent.
4. The hardest (physical) thing I’ve done in life was to give birth to a 9 lb 9 oz baby completely naturally–no medication whatsoever. I’m sort of proud of myself for that.
5. Going to school is easy for me–the last B I got was in seventh grade. But since I’ve been out of school, I’ve realized life isn’t that easy and if you were grading me, I would get the occasional failing grade.
6. I accidentally taught my daughter how to drink milk directly from the jug.
7. I love German idealism.
8. I like to fish more than my husband. He gets too impatient.
9. I’m left-handed.
10. My toenails are painted pink right now, to match my daughter’s fingernails.

November 11
Putting MM to bed, she kept saying, “Watch me.”
I told her I had to go to sleep.
“Daddy watch me?”
“Daddy has to go to sleep too. How about your dolls watch you? Or how about angels watch you?”
“Oh.” And she got into her bed and she was happy.

November 9
Sometimes I am not very competent at my job and Dillon will say, “You’re fired.” I respond back, “Please. Fire me.” But you can’t really get fired from being a mom.

I went in to Family Dollar for dryer sheets. I came out with bibs, a bottle brush, three new outfits for MM, three pairs of shoes for her, two pairs of pajamas and an outfit for BB, two maxi dresses for me, and MM’s major Christmas present (a small toy kitchen and a tool bench–they were buy one get one half off). Spent $80. Those were expensive dryer sheets.

November 8
Both kids are asleep and it isn’t even 8 yet. This is amazing and I hope it lasts.

November 6
Finished my writing today. The Internet has been down most of the day and I was amazed at how productive I was.

October 31
On second thought, pranking my law enforcement husband with a fake robbery when he comes home from work was a bad idea.

October 31
Finally finished with the Halloween costumes.

October 26
MM just spent $23.98 on my Kindle. Glad I can return it for a refund.

October 25

October 24
Done today. I hacked out over 1,000 words on my phone while holding a sleeping baby. It was awesome. SwiftKey (the keyboard I use) knows the names of my main characters

October 19
BB rolled from his tummy to his back three times today. He did it for the first time while all four of his grandparents watched. That was good timing.

October 11
Apparently I’m having pork and broccoli instead of beef and broccoli. Got the bags of frozen meat mixed up.

I wrote 3,021 words today. I am done with this draft at 77,850 words

October 10
So living in the desert means that I can no longer tell what season it is. It blows my mind that it is supposedly fall because it looks about the same out there as it always does.

October 9
MM got a hold of my phone and managed to text this: “I’m on the way, please wait for a second.” She inserted it via templates. The person who received it was very confused.

October 7
MM comes out of her room after a short nap.
“Are you still tired?” I ask.
She nods.
“Do you want to go back to sleep?”
Nod again.
“You know you can go back to your bed and go to sleep.”
“Oh.” She scampers back to bed.

October 5
Conference today! So excited.

September 23
I finished my word count today. And finally finished putting my pictures on the wall

September 22
MM is taking her third tub today. The first one was to get ready, the second was because she got raspberries in her hair for lunch, and finally she just spilled a whole glass of apple juice on herself.

September 20
MM’s favorite phrase lately has been, “MM do it.” (Except for she says her actual name.) Sometimes I really want to help her because I know that she won’t be able to do it by herself. But she ends up throwing a tantrum and insisting that she try it on her own. I wonder if Heavenly Father feels like this sometimes–wanting to help but being unable to because we keep saying, “No, I’ll do it, I’ll do it.”

September 18
MM insisted today we watch a “church movie.”

September 15
So we’re thinking of remaining our dog. Is current name is Barley. Here are some things we’ve come up with:
MM says his name should be Fish.
Other names:

September 13
I guess I’m not done with potty training yet. MM keeps taking her diapers off anyway. We went to go somewhere and she wandered outside with just a shirt and shoes on. No pants or underwear. And while we were at Home Depot, she was excited to find a toilet and proceeded to start to take her pants off. The toilet was in the middle of the store.

I think I’m pulling back a bit on potty training. We haven’t made much progress and she doesn’t seem to be understanding it. I would rather change diapers then keep cleaning up the mess

September 11
MM pooped in the toilet! I am so proud it’s silly.

September 10
Finished my word count today. Dillon saw me reach 1,000 words and immediately gave me the fussy baby.

Potty training is fun. We have nine pairs of underwear and most of them are in the washer right now. Work in progress

September 7
I am going to start potty training on Monday. Any suggestions?

Finished my writing today. My laundry is a different story.

September 2
I just wrote 1,092 words in 26 minutes. 🙂

August 31:
Just saw a great horned owl sitting on my back fence. Got within twenty feet of it or so and it flew away.

1150 words, most of then one-handed. BB refused to sleep unless I was holding him.

August 28
MM’s brilliant idea #1: drink apple juice directly out of the jug. She got a face full of juice. Then for some reason she did it again. Brilliant idea #2: Play with a straight pin. Luckily nothing bad came from that.

August 26
It is good to be home again.

August 13
BB at 2-ish months: 15 lbs 8 oz. 24.25 inches.

July 27
I’m trying to be optimistic. I’ve lost some picture hanging strips and I figure I will be amused when I discover what my two-year old did with them.

July 26
So I’m separating my Facebook account from my husband’s. We sort of have different friends and he’s sick of sharing.


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