Family Life

Don’t Feed the Animals

We went camping again about two weeks ago. Have I mentioned before that I love camping? Tent camping, in a campground, with a picnic table and a toilet. That’s my preferred method.

I don’t endorse feeding wild animals at all. It is a horrible idea. Don’t throw bread to the ducks. Don’t give peanuts to the squirrels. It may be fun for you, but it is bad for them.

But we had peanuts and there were squirrels. (And lots of Steller’s Jays.) Sometimes kids will drop peanuts on the ground. We did a naughty thing. (And it was fun.)

img_2962 img_2951 img_2932 img_2923

We also went on a bit of a hike to the amphitheater and a small pond at the campground. I thought the pond would be dry, since everything is dry now, but we were surprised to find water there.
img_2915 img_2913 img_2905 img_2885 img_2879 img_2875 img_2868 img_2859 img_2846 img_2841Zero degree sleeping bags are really warm, by the way, when it’s not that cold outside. We were very toasty. But I still didn’t sleep because my son didn’t sleep and I kept having to readjust him. Besides that, this camping trip was wonderful.
img_2839 img_2836 img_2830I think this was my last camping trip with two kids. I am now just waiting for a baby to make his appearance in the world–I HATE the waiting. Someone wrote somewhere that the last bit of pregnancy was exciting because you never know when you will go into labor, but I just find it draining because I am horribly impatient. I know I probably won’t have a baby for another two weeks or so, but yet I still could go into labor tomorrow. The uncertainty drives me crazy.


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