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My MM turned four.

She is growing up so much. I might repeat the often repeated phrase that kids grow up too fast, but to be honest, I think that they grow up at just the right speed and I LOVE watching them grow. It’s the best to see them learn and become more independent. I don’t want to keep my kids little. I like them big too.

I love how she rides her bike around our driveway (over and over and over again). I love how she opens the car door and buckles herself in. I love how she is learning how to read a few letters at a time. I love when she counts to twenty and inevitably skips nineteen and sometimes fifteen.

She got a Tinkerbell bike for her birthday, with matching Tinkerbell helmet. She also got lots of books from her Grandma Claire and Grandpa Ray (that I have read to her over and over again) and she used money from her Grandma Debbie and Grandpa Gerry to get herself a tea set and a crown/wand set (and she bought a treat for her brother, BB). A friend also brought over a new dress for her and crayons. And a balloon, which my kids enjoyed so much they kept fighting over it.

We had red velvet cake with pink frosting and pink ice cream. She also had me make pink waffles, chicken, and goldfish macaroni and cheese throughout the day. She mostly just ate a lot of treats on her birthday and not a lot of actual food.

It has been rainy, so they played in puddles and we got to see an absolutely beautiful rainbow. Just for my MM on her birthday, I think.

My MM loves people, and she makes instant friends with as many people as she can. She talks to strangers all over the place (we have to keep an eye on her sometimes) and she loves easily. She runs and hides when she does something wrong (and gets caught) and she says to me quite a bit, “Don’t talk to me!” She doesn’t like a lecture at all. She shares with her brother a lot and she is quite helpful. She’ll say, “I’m just doing this because I love you, Mom.”

She loves pink. She keeps her hair short becuase she doesn’t like it to be combed (she prefers it crazy). Sometimes she’ll pick out crazy outfits and she doesn’t really care if the zebra shirt and the flower pants don’t match.

She doesn’t play with toys as much as she likes to play outside, read stories, ride her bike, or try to help with grown-up things. She loves her movies too, particularly YouTube movies lately. (But we don’t watch too many.)

Two days after her birthday, she woke up early (she always does) and after cuddling with me for a bit (she loves cuddles and back rubs) she crept into the kitchen and quietly got a plate and fork, cut herself a piece of cake all by herself, and started eating it. When I came in, she hid it under her table and looked at me, a little nervous. I let her have her cake for breakfast.

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4 thoughts on “My MM

  1. I agree that kids grow up just right… At least when you are with them. I don’t see m enough and she is growing up too fast.


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