Family Life

Waiting, waiting, waiting

I am 38 1/2 weeks pregnant. Which means I am waiting for the baby in my stomach to come out. He could come later today (unlikely, since I’m not currently in labor) or he could come in two weeks or more. We’ll see. I am hoping that I do not post here again until I have a baby.

We’re trying to stay busy. We went a birding activity at Dillon’s work. img_3270 img_3260 We also went fishing. We’ve gone fishing quite a lot lately and we never catch anything. img_3250And we bike and play outside.
img_3239My little MM is visiting her grandparents for a week or so. We miss her. My brother William got married and we sent her as our representative. I wasn’t up to a long road trip since I’m nine months pregnant.

(I sort of wish that eating a lot of brownies induced labor, but it doesn’t.)



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