My little guy turned two a while ago. He got a little brother right before his birthday. BB absolutely loves his little brother.

His favorite present was the Tonka truck from Dillon. He likes to ride it, actually. He also got toy animals, a bulldozer, cars, and a race track. He likes to put up his plastic fence, stick a deer inside, and say, “Hunting!”

BB has had some tantrums lately–as if turning two gave him permission. But for the most part, he is quiet, calm, and likes to play by himself or with his older sister. He loves to hold the baby too, though the novelty has worn off a bit.

He likes to sleep with dolls every night. And he loves books. And playing kitchen. And piggy-back rides. Every night he insists on piggy-back rides after tubs.

BB’s favorite colors are orange and yellow–he always picks the yellow and orange cars first when he’s playing with his race track. And he usually likes to wear his orange or yellow shirts, though lately he also been a fan of bright blue and pockets.

He loves to go outside and play and he is slowly learning how to ride the tricycle–though mostly he goes backwards and he doesn’t know how to steer yet.

He doesn’t love playing with other kids his same age–he would rather play with his older sister.

He has started to say quite a lot of words and string some together, though there is always a space in-between two words, like, “More . . . water.” And he says thank you all the time! If he asks me for something and I’ll say I’ll get it later, he says thank you. If I simply answer a question, he says thank you.

img_3396 img_3436 img_3438 img_3444 img_3486


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