Family Life

Goodbye Silver Springs

This is my last batch of pictures from Silver Springs, where we lived for over 2.5 years. I don’t know if I will ever see the place again. Not for a while at least.

To be honest, I was glad to leave. I had friends there that I will miss, but it was a very, very hard 2.5 years there. I moved away from my family and dealt with depression. Dillon’s job had became extremely frustrating since he worked at a lake that no longer existed due to drought. It was time to move on. I wanted some grass in my life for a minute.

We decided to move right after Grandma Debbie and Grandpa Gerry came to see us. So I have pictures of their visit. And lots of pictures of my baby. In the last few pictures, he’s being held by my good friend Shirley, one of the people I will miss from Silver Springs. She was one of a few people who became family while we were far away from ours.

We’ve had a fun time back in Utah. We went to a family reunion, museums, and a splash pad. I’ve been surrounded by people and stuff to do and it’s really weird after my somewhat lonely and boring sojourn in Silver Springs. More pictures of that in another post.
img_3681 img_3690 img_3697 img_3704 img_3710 img_3719 img_3726 img_3732 img_3734 img_3736 img_3738 img_3753 img_3759 img_3765 img_3771 img_3787 img_3800 img_3804 img_3819 img_3821 img_3826 img_3829 img_3833 img_3839 img_3840 img_3846 img_3860 img_3863 img_3873 img_3874 img_3877


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