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Lots of summer adventures

There are a whole lot of photos in this post.

First, we had a family reunion for Dillon’s side of the family. We went to Bear Lake and we all had lots of fun.img_3886 img_3899 img_3902 img_3905 img_3907 img_3920 img_3921 img_3930 img_3935 img_3938 img_3939 img_3947 img_3956

Yes, MM had on her swimsuit backwards. She didn’t mind. img_3965 img_3981 img_3989 img_3992 img_3999 img_4002After that, my sister’s kids came and stayed with us for a few days. We went to Farm Country and the dinosaur museum.
img_4016 img_4020 img_4021 img_4026 img_4030 img_4038 img_4045 img_4054 img_4067 img_4074 img_4083 img_4087 We also got together with my friends from high school (Esther, Lindsay, Melanie, and my sister Liz) at a splash park. I don’t have any pictures of them, but they were there. It is good to live next to them again, at least for a while.img_4094 img_4098 img_4107 img_4112 img_4113 img_4118 img_4122 img_4124

And we went to barbecue for my dad’s work, where my kids decided to wade into the lake, even though they weren’t supposed to. Then they rolled in the sand. They like having adventures. img_4125 img_4130Those were only part of our adventures. After the family reunion, we also had a birthday party for my twin sister and I. It was our first birthday party together for a long time. It would have been more fun if my daughter wouldn’t have walked through pine sap in her bare feet. Pine sap is the worst mess ever. We’ve gone to another museum, parks, to the swimming pool with Grandpa, and on walks and bike rides. I’ve played volleyball and gone to the temple, and my kids did a fishy craft at the library. We visited Grandpa at his work and gone to lunch with him. And even more–I’ll post some pictures later of fireworks and such.

I have been with family every day lately–because I live with my parents, of course, but I’ve also seen a lot of my siblings too. It feels mostly like a vacation–and I don’t ever want to feel permanent here because we need our own home soon. Dillon is still job searching and has traveled a lot for interviews–to Arizona and Nebraska, for example.

Summer is fun. Exhausting, since I can’t seem to go to sleep before 11:00 (part of that is my baby), but still incredibly fun.


2 thoughts on “Lots of summer adventures

  1. I am so glad you are with family while Dillon seeks a job. We miss you, but love that you are getting to have fun with friends and family. The kids look really happy. I love you and always want the best life has to offer for you and your family.


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