Family Life

Hiking to Waterfalls

I love hiking, though I don’t get to do it as often with three children. But we went up to Battle Creek the other day. This is my most-frequented hike in my life, because it is right next to my Grandparent’s old house. It’s short. And beautiful. And dusty, which you realize more when you have a little boy who likes to give up and sit in the dirt. I hiked this growing up and on my second date with my husband. img_4906 img_4912 img_4929 img_4941 img_4952 img_4953 img_4959

img_4963 img_4970 img_4990 img_4995 img_5003 img_5013 img_5020 img_5033 img_5036 img_5049 img_5058 img_5059 img_5098

MM climbed the whole way up, which was impressive because she has never hiked that far before.

We also went to Bridal Veil falls, where we climbed up a little bit. The water was super cold, though. img_5136 img_5139 img_5149 img_5151 img_5154 img_5156 img_5178This summer has definitely felt like summer–we have had a long break with lots of activities. It has been so much fun, but we would also like it to be over soon. We are hoping for a job soon, and there is one that should work out in the next few weeks.


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