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What we’ve been up to

Summer has faded into fall, though the weather hasn’t quite got the message yet. We’ve been doing things like going to carnivals and getting our hair spray painted. img_6844 img_6865 img_6883

We also went to Peach Days and MM got to be in a parade.img_6887 img_6901

Most eventfully, MM started preschool. I wasn’t really planning on signing her up because we are still in flux, but she needed something and her teacher, Miss April, was very flexible with her. Here she is on very first day of school, excited and nervous:img_6922 img_6923

She sucked her thumb the whole way there because it was new and a little scary, but then she had so much fun. She loves going to school. Today, she came back and sang to me, “A peanut sat on a railroad track, its heart was all a flutter. A train came around the track. Peanut butter.” She even had actions to go around with it. She has been learning and making friends.

I like the time to spend with my boys–BB, as the middle child, usually gets the least amount of attention, so it’s good to have time with him.

There were three in the bed:
img_6934 We went to the aquarium with my siblings (Clarissa took the pictures there):img_6940 img_6946 img_6948 img_6950 img_6965 img_6969 img_6974 img_6976 img_6983 And we also went to Cascade Springs to see the fall leaves and some fish and birds. img_7026 img_7038 img_7081 img_7096 img_7135 img_7139Fall also involves watching football, which SR enjoys immensely.

This is a lot longer than I thought I would be living with my parents. Some days are hard because I don’t know when things will work out and I feel like I have been waiting a really long time. It’s not ideal, but we make it work.

Life is rarely just right: it’s is either too hot, too cold; too easy, too hard; too busy, too slow. When it comes down to it, our external circumstances really matter little compared to what’s inside–if we fight and defeat our internal demons, life is okay no matter how it looks on the outside.

When I am having a hard time, it’s usually me that needs to change, not my life around me.


One thought on “What we’ve been up to

  1. M is so smart, and I think pre-school is a good thing. Just had a good evening with the Cub Scouts. Annie Johnson is helping as Den Leader. William and Levi both earned 10 pens between them and Lorin earned three, and Timber had two. It was really neat to have all of the parents there supporting them and helping. I feel like I have really witnessed a miracle in our Ward put on by Heavenly Father. Now for the Primary Presentation on the 25th, and Trunk or Treat on Halloween. We miss you all and am so glad to get to share in your life here on facebook. Give all the kids a hug for me, and know that we love you!


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