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my first concert & an alumni family fair

I had never really been to a concert before, and then I ended up with a ticket to a Twenty One Pilots concert. So I went with my mom–my siblings Clarissa and Daniel were also there, but they were more adventurous and went to the pit while my mom and I stayed on the fringes.

The concert was at the Saltair, outside, so you could see the Salt Flats on one side, with the sun setting, and then the stage. The only problem was parking was a nightmare–my dad actually dropped my mom and I off and we walked into the venue because of the line of cars. Then  we ended up taking an hour and a half to get out of the parking lot after the concert.

But I really like Twenty One Pilots and enjoyed the concert a lot more than I was expecting.

Sometimes it’s nice to feel like an individual person and not just the mother of small children–over 90% of the time I’m a mother of small children, but sometimes I get to do things by myself.  I  went and saw a grown-up movie with my husband yesterday for the first time in years. It was amazing. Mostly I watch kid movies, which I like, but it gets old.

img_7169 img_7174

Before the concert, I took my kids to a UVU alumni family fair thing. They had fun. Pictures:

img_7157 img_7159 img_7161 img_7164 img_7168


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