Family Life

Halloween 2015

Look at me: I’m posting about a holiday before it happens. I’m impressed with myself.

We dressed up as a super family. Here are pictures:


Grumpy kids:img_7733



I had too much fun editing some of them. Excuse me.
img_7758 img_7759 img_7776 img_7782This is my first time in matching costumes.

I feel like if you are wearing superhero costumes or shirts, you should match universes. So you can’t have Spider-man with Batman and Superman because Spider-man is Marvel. And so on. I like Marvel universe the best, but I do like Superman a lot too.

These costumes came about because SR had those pajamas. BB is also wearing pajamas. It’s a cheaper, more functional way to get costumes. They are functional after Halloween. And flame retardant, so no one can accidentally light BB on fire this year. Which seems highly unlikely anyway.


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