New apartment

So my brother owns a duplex and the upstairs tenants left. He is trying to sell it, so we fixed up the upstairs for him and then moved in. Sort of. Most of my stuff is still in storage or my mom’s house and we are just living here temporarily until either the house sells or Dillon gets a job. (We are hoping for the latter. And, by the way, we found out there was a hiring freeze, so that is probably why he didn’t get one job. But he just interviewed for another job, and it’s awesome, so we’ll see if it works out.)

This is our first renovation project. We mostly did flooring, but also lots of little things such as paint and trim and all of that.

Before (I don’t have a ton of before pictures):



img_8160 img_8152 img_8153 img_8156 img_8157img_8164 img_8166 img_8167 img_8169 img_8172 img_8174 img_8176 img_8178 img_8182 img_8183

It is nice to have our own place to sleep and make meals and live again.


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