Family Life

Elder Daniel

My brother recently went back to Canada after being home for six months. It was a joy to live with him for a while. Before he left, I think he was the happiest I have ever seen a person. He was full of joy.

And Daniel introduced me to Twenty One Pilots, which is my favorite band right now. I even dreamed that I was at a radio station and we had to pick songs to play and I said, “Just pick a song from Vessel! Any one would do.” Or something like that .img_7210 img_7212 img_7439-Edit img_7463 img_7469 img_7477 img_7479 img_7707

And there is my little brother. He’s awesome. And he’ll never read this because he’s on a mission, so I could say whatever I wanted to about him. But I can’t think of anything bad to say. He’s an optimist, and I like him.


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