Family Life

Some random pictures

Sometimes we watch TV.
img_7199 img_7208 I pretty much exclusively read on my Kindle now. img_7215 Great Grandpa Walker’s birthday party. With carrot cake.img_7221 img_7303

After naps.img_7492 img_7820

This outfit is part pajamas.img_7826


This happened. img_8140

Dillon is still job searching and working on grad school. We got a Honda Pilot so we don’t have to cram three kids in the back of a Camry anymore. Life rolls onward. We are sort of looking forward to Christmas, but we are horrible at celebrating in our household.


One thought on “Some random pictures

  1. Just got your Christmas card today. Such a cute picture, and SR is getting quite a personality! MM is just as sweet as ever. We are taking some of the Cub Scouts to the free day at the Art Museum in Reno tomorrow. I am proud of Dan as he turned down work to be there for the boys. My broken arm is healing, but I do not think it will ever be the same. Still not working, but we have been blessed. We just traded our car in for a newer car. I have been able to do my calling because I have not been working a 40 hour a week job. I see progress in the children, and William and Cash bore their testimonies in Sacrament Meeting this last Sunday. Am having an adult meeting this Sunday after church for my counselors and teachers. Am glad Dillion is still going to college as it will benefit you in the future. My great grandson is nine years old, and just found out his father is named David Hoyt from Carson City. He is a really good kid and goes to Scouts with us every Wednesday. Have a beautiful and happy Christmas!


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