Goals as the year changes

2015 did not go as expected. I did achieve some goals: I cut down media usage a bit, I think I was slightly less angry and more grateful (it’s still a huge work in progress), I read 55 books, I learned Clair de Lune, I worked on some coding and math classes online, we didn’t go into debt, I organized my blog, I gave birth to a baby, my baby took a bottle, I found family names to take to the temple, and we went camping. I started writing again, but without ambition and mostly just for the enjoyment of it. I did most of my Grandpa Claude’s history, but didn’t do all the other family history projects I had planned. I also failed to work on emergency preparedness and finishing some printing/scanning project.

My 2016 goals:

  1. Find a home (and help Dillon find a job so that we can find a home)
  2. Become more like Jesus Christ by working on an attribute a month
  3. Do a 30-day fitness challenge every month
  4. Do a service project once a week
  5. Work on some family history projects (like my grandparents’ history)
  6. Write a memoir/essay book with my twin sister
  7. Take a class online once a quarter
  8. Finish crocheting a blanket
  9. Finish writing a novel I’m working on

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