Family Life


I didn’t quite realize how behind I was in posting on my blog. It’s February, and I still haven’t posted about Christmas. It happens. So here are Christmas pictures.

First, a family Christmas party at Liz’s house. William and Rachel were visiting from Montana, so we got to see them.

This is what happens when the men watch the children:
img_8583 We made snowmen.img_8587 img_8589 img_8592 And we acted out the nativity.img_8594 Grandma Debbie gives the kids pajamas for Christmas Eve. I gave them some slippers.
img_8787 img_8798 img_8806 img_8824 img_8826 This was how the room looked when we went to bed.img_8828 We wrapped up the room, a tradition from my childhood.img_8832 And Christmas morning was okay. I like Christmas Eve better: we acted out the nativity again, watched Christmas movies, and ate bread and milk in the dark.

But the kids enjoyed their presents and giving to each other. img_8835

BB got his dinosaurs.img_8837 MM got her dollhouse.img_8838 img_8839 img_8840 img_8843 img_8846

SR got his wrapping paper.img_8847 img_8855 img_8858 img_8865 img_8869 There was a lot of snow on Christmas. img_8876 img_8881 img_8883

Grandma and Grandpa came over later on in the day and we opened up some more presents. It was a nice, simple Christmas. It was good to be in our own house during the holidays, even though we had to leave the next week.


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