Family Life


Winter. It’s great for a little bit. The snow is fun. You can make snowmen and go sledding. And then, by February, you never want to see snow again in your life and you just want sun.

So it’s been a bit of a dead time. We moved back to my parents’ house at the end of December and now we are just WAITING again. I took very few pictures in January. SR did learn to crawl on his hands and knees and is now doing an excellent job. MM went to preschool. BB climbed a lot and now knows how to identify animals such as an armadillo.
img_8604 img_8621 img_8920 img_8929 This is what happens when the snow is too powdery to make a proper snowman:img_8947 img_8951 I try to do activities with my kids, though sometimes it is hit and miss. We did make a spider web with spider hats one evening that I bothered to take a picture of. img_8960 img_8968

Dillon had a birthday and we went snowshoeing. While hiking up, he saw movement on the hillside so we went and hiked up the side of a mountain to find a golden eagle eating a rabbit. It took off and flew right over us. img_9041 img_9047 img_9063 img_9091

Other happenings in January: We had a New Year’s Eve party at my sister-in-law Anna’s house. I visited my sister Liz twice, once for New Year’s Day where we went snowshoeing/sledding. The second was at the end of the month, and we spent the night and played games and let the children go wild playing with each other. Four children slept in one bedroom, which was quite an accomplishment.

There was an episode of Sherlock on January 1. Dillon and I watched a whole lot of Doctor Who. MM got to see Kung Fun Panda 3 with her Aunt Clarissa.

Dillon started school up again and did his final two NEPA classes (he has to finish three tests still). He also did his capstone project proposal. So he is now on the downhill side of graduate school, which is nice.

But we are still job searching. We applied for a very large amount of jobs in January, many on the west coast, some other places too.

MM got to go to her first birthday party by herself and enjoyed playing with friends.

We went to the temple more, and got to see the Provo City Center temple last week. We had to wrangle BB a lot because he is all over the place most of the time. He liked the “swimming pool.”


We visited grandparents. Went to the aerospace museum. Went to a Norman Rockwell exhibit (the kids were not impressed; I was).

And that’s our life right now. It’s good, but we are still waiting for what our new adventure will be. We have some interviews lined up, but sometimes I feel I have been waiting for a long time. I know the Lord will provide, though, and it won’t be too long.


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