Family Life

Happy moments

We visited an airplane museum.


My kids play nicely sometimes. img_9159

And sometimes they don’t place nicely at all. img_9168 img_9178

SR has a lot of teeth now–two on bottom, four on top. I love the upper teeth, but I have a hard time getting a picture of them.img_9190BB is usually a happy kid.

MM likes to make funny faces. img_9201

One day I found her asleep curled up next to the cat. The cat is really large, by the way.img_9212

Another day, I found that MM had climbed into BB’s bed in the morning and was reading him stories. img_9234

My kids love books. Everyone in the house gets their turn to read them a story. They also like camouflage.

I am still not sure if MM was supposed to bring a Valentine’s box to preschool, but she did. I am not crafty. img_9365 SR loves to eat. img_9380 And BB loves to play with dinosaurs. We were making a stop-motion movie. It didn’t go very well.img_9396

Most of the time, life is so very good and happy. On occasion, I get homesick. Except for I am home. But my parents’ house doesn’t feel quite like home anymore. We will find somewhere and probably soon, since Dillon has quite a few interviews for jobs he is very qualified for. I am hopeful.


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