Family Life

Moving, Finally


After a very long job search, including eight months of no job while living at my parents’ house, Dillon finally found a job and we are moving.

He will be an assistant superintendent at a state park in Wyoming. There is a picture of the park above that I took when I visited with Dillon. It is a little remote–outside of a town of 200 or so people–but there is a very small school there in town for my kids and we figured out internet (hopefully).

I am looking forward to be able to hike, fish, canoe, mountain bike, camp, and snowshoe in my backyard, basically. There are also towns to drive to and things to do there. It’s a brand new adventure.

Thought I’ve sort of done this before. The job is similar to the one Dillon had in Nevada: by a lake, half hour away from a decent town, a little over an hour away from a city, and the same distance from my parents’ house. But this lake isn’t empty. And there are more trees and less brush and desert. And deer, elk, and other wildlife instead of just rabbits and lizards.

I’m excited.


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