My new home

So I have been working really hard on cleaning, unpacking, and organizing. I have enjoyed it. Today I finally feel like I am done. Of course, I always have a few extra things to do, but I don’t have any boxes left and there are pictures on my walls.

Enough words. Pictures.

img_0001 img_0004 img_0005 img_0007 img_0008 img_0009 img_0010 img_0012 img_0013 img_0016 img_0017 img_0019 img_0021 img_0022 img_0023 img_0025 img_0026 img_9998

(I have two more bedrooms not pictured because boys were asleep.)

My house looks likes the 60s. Except for the 90s kitchen. I am thinking of painting the wood paneling, though I sort of like it too because it fits in with all my vintage stuff. My couch is vintage. My black bookshelf is vintage with vintage books on it. My orange chairs are from Target. That’s not vintage.


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