Family Life

Last few days in Utah

We had some good times in Utah. Like Dillon and I went on dates. We went hiking up to Battle Creek, for example.
img_9310 img_9325 Dillon likes to take awkward selfies. I have a lot of pictures like this.img_9327 Here is my little SR:img_9558 We went to Liz’s house to Mr. C’s birthday .img_9789 img_9796 This is my sister Liz.img_9804 I have a lot of pictures of SR, but I can’t decide the one I like the best.img_9807 img_9810 img_9813 We played games at Liz’s. I built a dinosaur and it was very promptly destroyed.img_9825 We even had a piñata. img_9827 img_9832 img_9835 img_9836 img_9837 img_9839 img_9843 img_9846 img_9850 My baby ended up almost falling off the bed during his nap. I put him in a safe corner and he somehow wriggle away after I left.
img_9854 Liz made the piñata, which is why this picture happened.img_9857 img_9860 And we ate cupcakes. We also had donut holes and candy and lots of other sugar. img_9863 img_9867 Mr. C had a very long and good birthday.
img_9874 And I threw a party for MM and her friends before we left. They had a lot of fun playing together. It was just hard for MM when it was over.
img_9878 img_9885 We decorated cupcakes. It was fun. MM now misses her friends.

img_9887 img_9889


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