Family Life


This was how my drive to Wyoming looked like:img_9892

Not the most welcoming, in terms of weather. But we really have had a good time here, even with all the March snow.

We have moved in with all our stuff and taken down the old, ugly curtains.

And we have visited the lake. This was our first time we went to it:
img_9901 img_9904 img_9918 img_9920 img_9924 img_9929 img_9934

We are all feeling quite happy about life, really. img_9940

MM took this picture of outside our front window:img_9944 She also took this picture of Dillon and I filing taxes: img_9950 We had a family home evening where we played with cars. And another one where I put ingredients for a shake into paper bags and we drew out numbers to see which ingredient we would get for our shake. BB won: he got ice cream, blueberries, and some fruit cocktail. The rest of us weren’t so lucky. Other ingredients included Kool-Aid packets, whipped cream, milk, an orange, and that sort of thing. img_9960 img_9963

This is a card MM made for her preschool teachers:img_9965

It does get windy here and so of course we have had to fly our kite. img_9972 img_9979 img_9982 img_9984 img_9990 img_9997

We are having quite an adventure. So many good things are happening in life. When you are in the middle of hard times, it’s difficult to see how life can turn around become so full of joy again. But it does happen.


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