Family Life

Wyoming and Weather

Wyoming is the coldest place I have ever lived. I didn’t really think it through before I came here, but it doesn’t really got hot in the summer (last summer in Nevada it was above 110 for just a few days; in Wyoming it won’t even reach 100). And winter is this horrible pesky think that doesn’t always go away when it’s supposed to.

This spring has also been strangely wet. Lots of snow. And rain. And more rain. This is problematic because my husband works at a lake–and one of the purposes of that lake is to flood when there is too much water in the system.

But it hasn’t been raining all the time (I don’t really ever want to live in Washington). There have been a few days that have been warm enough that we even got the sprinkler going–though it wasn’t really that warm. Just warm enough. And when you live in a colder climate, sometimes you just pretend it’s warm enough.

So today our heater is running. I wore sandals and my toes about went numb. But I’m looking at pictures a few days ago when my kids were wearing shorts and sandals and we were wandering outside for ages.

That’s spring for you.

And now pictures.

My kids take naps. Some days. Some days they sleep together. I love nap time. I need nap time. When I don’t get it, sometimes I am cranky.


There are wild turkeys in this picture.


You may notice that my kids are squished in our car, not our SUV. That’s because I hit a deer in our SUV and we had to replace a headlight and repair some of the front bumper. The deer ran away. I canceled a play date. I kept wondering when the emotions would kick in because I was very calm throughout the whole initial process–the deer ran in front, I hit it, I pulled off the road, I called my husband, etc. Was more shaken up later, though it wasn’t too bad. And now the SUV is fixed.


Looking for wildlife as a family. This happens often.


We see lots of deer, some antelope, and some birds. Like this great blue heron, who was very blue–I couldn’t get good pictures of him.


You can see the water starting to reach the trees, though it has gone up a lot more and is still going up.


We were here a few weeks ago and the water covered where we played.




They wanted to play at the beach and then found it was too cold.


This was on a warmer day.


MM wanted a letter in the mail so very much and Grandma Claire sent her one. It made MM very happy.


BB figured out how not to walk.


We wrote alphabet letters on little rocks.


MM drew a robot. And we played with toys and ate chips and marshmallows outside.


My kids made a collection of rocks, plants, random pieces of cardboard, etc. That’s partly from watching a lot of Dinosaur Train.


This was the day we pretended it was warm enough to run through sprinklers. I’m just so happy that we can in our own yard now. Nevada did not have that luxury.




We tried making play dough. It was messier than I expected, but still fun.


And here we are canoeing. I wish I would have brought my camera with me–we into this cover where there was water up above the cottonwood trees. It was so wonderfully beautiful. The kids wanted to swim afterwards. I thought the water was freezing, but they had fun anyway.



SR is still not sure what to think about all of these adventures.






Here are my kids watching a video from Christmas quite a few years ago.


And this was when MM really wanted to ride her bike. It was raining. We went anyway.



MM really wanted to get my flowers for Mother’s Day.


She’s so sweet. Today, she told me to take a long shower so she could clean up the whole house. So I did, and then I had to go in my room and read a book until she finished. She picked up everything, made beds, wiped and dried the table, and put away the vacuum and straightened furniture. Wow. I love that girl.


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