Family Life

Happy Birthday

My kids have had birthdays somewhat recently. MM just wanted a pink guitar for her birthday. So she got it.


My little SR turned 1, which is a big day. He has the biggest, bluest eyes. I love him.


He got a train for his birthday.


He’s really been a delight.


I made him his own cake (and not a nice pretty cake because I don’t have the patience for such things), and he had no idea how to go about it at first. He pulled out a little bit, tried to pick up the whole thing, bent down and tried to just eat it, and then settled on large handfuls.


BB is crying about something. I don’t know what.


For BB’s birthday, I set up some dinosaurs as if they were having a party. He woke up to that and he of course had to open presents right away. He got a tool set with a bag.



We went to various museums for his birthday.


And to the park.



I only realized after their birthdays that people do things like decorate and put up banners and that sort of thing. I am really terrible at celebrations and parties. Never, ever have me plan a party for you. It will be boring.


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