Family Life

Written by MM

We are playing in our water table with bubbles and with coloring and we are having so much fun. This is from MM talking.


And this is BB when he was camping in the night. Me and my daddy and BB were camping. So we had a family. And Mommy wasn’t camping with us. She was with SR. We were just having a good time.


And then this is him sleeping. Whoever wants to look at this should look at it if they want to.


And, um, this is the same day. And he was getting out of the tent.


And then I was so happy and kind of sad.


We were in our car and we saw this big deer. It is a daddy deer. Written by MM, all of this.


This is BB playing in the swimming pool. This isn’t the day I was talking about up there. This is the next day.


And this is me doing a funny pose.


And, um, this is me when I fell over. And that yellow thing over there is my brother’s dolly.


And this is lying on the porch. This is my mommy’s picture. I love it. And it is called “Sunbathing.”


And this is SR. He was so upset this time. But Mommy took a picture of him.


This is BB happy. And he got a little pen on his nose, but that’s okay. So. I love whoever looks at this. Please do. It is so good.


This is me lying on the floor. That was all.


And this is SR playing dentist.


And here he is again.


And here is BB and Daddy. He’s at work right now. So. And that’s good.



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