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I’m feeling brave so I’m getting rid of books and other organizing thoughts

I’m organizing my house (again). Partly because I had a set of markers and I can’t find them anymore. They could be in my bedroom (they aren’t), the kitchen (nope), or the hall closet (I don’t think so). Or they could possibly be in the toy room, but that seems unlikely. Probably what happened is my kids used them to color on something and I promptly threw them away. I do stuff like that a lot. Like the plastic bat that ended up the trash because it was mostly used to hit other people.

I want my stuff not to be so scattered. I want the kitchen stuff in the kitchen, the toy stuff in the toy room, and everything random in the hall closet.

Here is what I’ve been working on.

Kitchen: I started with the kitchen, since that was the easiest. It mostly just needed to be straightened up, and I got rid of the junk drawer that had become a lazy landing place for a wide variety of things. Everything in the kitchen now is just kitchen stuff.


Toy room: I moved my games in there and all of my books. I got rid of some toys–baby toys, for example, because babies need about three baby toys and they end up with dozens. Also a few other things that my kids never played with. Sometimes I keep toys because I think they should play with them, even when they never do. That’s ridiculous. I’m not playing with them either.


Sorting through books was a little difficult. I’ve been slowly getting rid of more and more books. I have to keep going through them because every time I am a little more brave and can cut out some more. I love books–no, actually, I love the stories in the books, not the objects. I mostly read on my Kindle now anyway. I got rid of a copy of Howl’s Moving Castle because I recently reread it and I didn’t even both to pick up the book on my bookshelf–I checked it out from the library to read on my Kindle instead.

I’ve also kept a lot of books because I want my kids to read certain books. But they may not be interested in The Westing Game or Redwall. And when they are–and it will be in quite a few years–we can buy them again or check them out from the library.

I also was brave and got rid of books that I have been wanting to read for at least five years and I never have. I’m not going to read them ever so I don’t need to own them.

Many books I kept because they are vintage/decorative, which I did not feel bad about since they fit so nicely on my vintage shelf.

I may rearrange my bookshelves around, since they don’t exactly match.


My bedroom: I keep the journals and scrapbooks separate from the other books so my kids don’t destroy them. I’m also planning on getting rid of my yearbooks, after I scan the few pages that I actually care about. While high school was fine, I don’t particularly like looking at pictures of lots of people I barely talked to. I also need to organize my closet, not the clothes so much as everything else that is being stored in there. And eventually, I need to take care of the kids’ artwork sitting next to the scanner under my bed.


The hall closet: This is my largest project. Obviously, it isn’t done yet. My plan is that the hall closet will contain all the tools, household supplies, office supplies, and craft supplies. Since those categories aren’t very easily delineated, I wanted to keep them all in the same place. So that next time I look for markers, I know I just go to the hall closet and if they aren’t they, I’ve thrown them away.

Bathroom: All my bathroom stuff is going to stay in one bathroom. I actually don’t like having two bathrooms, even though I have three kids, because it gets confusing where the toothpaste is or where the hair brush is. So it’s all going in my bathroom since the kids like to take their bath in there anyway.

Guest room/baby room: There is very little stored in this room. It’s peaceful.

Kids room: The kids’ room contains their bed, their clothes and the diapers/wipes. And usually a whole lot of books because they take books to bed. The bedroom exists to sleep in. Though they keep on insisting on making the bed into a slide.

Basement: I hate our basement. So it has mainly seasonal storage–camping things and Christmas things. And a growing pile of stuff to get rid of.

I’ve not regretted getting rid of things. Except a foam mattress pad that in hindsight would have been incredibly useful in a handful of situations. But I can’t recall anything else.

We take a lot in. I don’t even think that I buy a whole lot, but things just sort of pile up. Even though I moved back in March and sorted through my stuff then, I’m amazed at all the stuff I still have that doesn’t really have a place in my life anymore.

So I have two conclusions for you today:

  1. Put stuff in the same category into one place.
  2. Get rid of stuff. And not just once, but again and again. You’ll always be able to buy things later if you need them, and it’s likely that you won’t want that thing ever again and once it’s out your life, you’ll completely forget about it. You’ve heard this before, but chances are you still have stuff to get rid of. Don’t worry; it’s fun.

One thought on “I’m feeling brave so I’m getting rid of books and other organizing thoughts

  1. You made me want to reread westing game – I remember loving that book, and don’t remember much about it. It was so freeing getting rid of the junk drawer in the kitchen, that I only had because “everyone has one.” I wish I was good at getting rid of toys, but I totally have things because I wish my kids would play with it, and they in actuality don’t. Fun to read.


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