Family Life · Heather

What I’m up to recently

  • The bulk of my time is spent in maintaining my home (cleaning, cooking, shopping, etc.) and playing with my children.
  • Some other projects I’m currently working on: blogging, taking photos, watching a crash course chemistry class, revising a novel, writing a nonfiction book, and writing (and sometimes badly illustrating) children’s books.
  • Some projects I want to work on: sewing a very large pouf for my living room, writing my Grandpa’s history, more family history, writing a memoir, painting lots of furniture.
  • I also visit people sometimes. And do play dates on occasion. And write letters. And give my neighbors baked goods. People are great. I love people. And since you’re reading this, you’re one of my favorite people.
  • I play the piano in the primary and help teach 11-year-old scouts with my husband.
  • Speaking of piano, I’m trying to learn a few new songs and relearn songs I used to know.
  • I do watch some TV. Olympics, of course. We’re almost done with Doctor Who. And we also love about anything on BYU-TV. And YouTube in general, though I’ve trying to limit it a bit more.
  • I watch movies on occasion, and I’m almost caught up in my Marvel movies. I just have Ant-Man and then Civil War. I want a Doctor Strange/Spider-Man movie. And a Hulk/Black Widow movie. Or I want someone to come up with good original ideas for movies.
  • I read a lot too. My goal is to read a book a week the rest of my life and I’m ahead of schedule for this year.
  • There’s a lot I don’t go done–like making homemade bread, actually spending effort and time on cooking dinner every day, and lots of things on my to-do list get pushed to tomorrow. But I like trying to do as much as I can and push myself to do better, even if it doesn’t always work out.
  • I’ve been trying to go out and do something every morning with my kids, like swimming or going to the park. I get too distracted at home sometimes and this helps me be happier.











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