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It’s been a struggle for me to balance how much time I should spend using the computer and the internet.

Recently, I’ve been disabling the internet for the majority of my day or even just putting my computer away.

Because sometimes it’s like the internet is screaming at me, like a radio station that is trying to play a lot of songs all at the same time. There are so many articles and essays and infographics and memes out there. There are so many people telling me what is supposed to be important.

When I scroll through Facebook or Instagram, I really simply care about how people are doing. But instead, sometimes I get so distracted by stuff that is shared on Facebook. Often, it’s inaccurate or at least not helpful. Sometimes I hear more from strangers than from my friends.

I get so distracted.

And I don’t need the internet to tell me how to live. You don’t either.

I think learning is very good. I like reading uplifting and thoughtful articles regarding topics that concern me and I am interested in. But the problem with the internet is I don’t necessarily see the good stuff; I see the viral stuff. I don’t find what’s important or useful; I find what’s been shared and clicked on the most.

Some articles I’ve read really have been helpful. But most are not. There is a lot of bad information and opinions out there and the internet enables us to see it without a good filter–there is no editor or publisher or label, just algorithms and view counts. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it means I have to be careful.

Whenever I have a question, even the smallest one, I can Google it. But sometimes those questions aren’t important. They’re just fleeting thoughts. The internet can erase a sense a purpose and intention replace it with distraction after distraction. So I have to be my own filter. Everything mildly interesting does not need to be clicked on.

I’ve been trying to stop listening to what my Facebook feed says. I want to have more meaningful conversations with myself and others and live more purposefully.

So I disabled the internet. And I’ve been writing more, editing photos more, and spending more time with my kids. Most of all, life just feels a bit quieter. A bit more peaceful. A bit more purposeful.

How can you use the internet less? How can you pay attention to things that are actually important to your life?


One thought on “Quiet

  1. i agree, we all need quiet, but I am grateful that because of the internet I am able to feel closer to you and read your thoughts and see your pictures. I think it all comes down to balance.


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